The Realization of the Inner Life

The principle of the one who experiences the inner life is to become all things to all men throughout his life. In every situation, in every capacity, he answers the demand of the moment. Often people think that the spiritual person must be a man with sad looks, with a long face, with a serious expression and with a melancholy atmosphere. Really speaking, that picture is the exact contrary of the real spiritual person. In all capacities the one who lives the inner life has to act outwardly as he ought in order to fit the occasion; he must act according to the circumstances, and he must speak to everyone in his own language, standing upon the same level, and yet realizing the inner life.

For the knower of the truth, the one who has attained spiritual knowledge and who lives the inner life, there is no occupation in life which is too difficult; as a business man, as a professional man, as a king, a ruler, a poor man, a worldly man, as a priest or monk, in all aspects he is different from what people know and see of him. To the one who lives the inner life, the world is a stage, on which he is the actor who has to act a part in which he has sometimes to be angry and sometimes loving, and in which he has to take part both in tragedy and comedy. So also the one who has realized the inner life acts constantly; and like the actor who does not feel the emotions he assumes, the spiritual man has to fill fittingly the place in which life has placed him. There he performs everything thoroughly and rightly, in order to fulfill his outer mission in life. He is a friend to his friend, a relative to his relatives. With all to whom he is outwardly related he keeps relationship with thought, with consideration, and yet in his realization he is above all relationships. He is in the crowd and in the solitude at the same time. He may be very much amused and at the same time he is very serious. He may seem very sad and yet there is joy welling up from his heart.

 – From The Inner Life by Hazrat Inayat Khan, pg 16-17

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