Notes on The Next Attention

The more I come toward the Source, which contains everything, the more I am attracted to it. Very simple. Very direct. I may start on the surface–there are different degrees and relationships to that–but as I come inside…

Being is containing everything. Separation is suffering, separation of body, of thought, of feelings.

Some movements, very subtle in myself, even when looking at the world­–this silence, this vibration. When I come closer to the center, to the Source, I begin to flow, be in that, attracted more and more.

The attention serves two masters. Either the deeper attention is there and you do just what is needed, nothing extra. Or it serves impressions mechanically and there is much more than needed, much extra, unnecessary.

This Attention can put me in contact with the sacred in me. It is a gift given to me, like my life.

Purification of attention: I can begin to listen, to be. To see what is, not wish for another time or state. What you wish for is here, now.

– Michel de Salzmann. From Notes on The Next Attention by Fran Shaw, pg 164-165

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