From The Inner Journey

P: Mr. Gurdjieff has written that it is necessary to strive to have everything indispensable and satisfying for the physical body. This surprises me—not only everything necessary but satisfying. When is it possible to have both?

HT: This question implies the need for a degree of understanding. If we were to draw up a list of what is necessary and what is satisfying it would, of course be futile.

It is a question of balance, mostly. And it means a balance with other needs as well. Otherwise, something can be quite satisfactory for the body itself, as separate from the rest, but it creates a lack of balance. What is necessary and what is really satisfactory is a balance between all the different needs of the being—physical, psychological, and spiritual.

– From The Inner Journey, Views from the Gurdjieff Work edited by Jacob Needleman


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