From The Eye That Sees Itself

The approach to Self is through spaciousness. This spaciousness is more than an expansive feeling. It is a deep relaxation in the background as well as the foreground of oneself.

Such a relaxation implies the dissolution of meaning-structures. This leads to the freedom to adopt new meaning-structures, even to adopt, at different times, meaning-structures that contradict each other. This flexibility leads to empathy—an appreciative sharing of another’s meaning-structure.

An obstacle to such an opening is desire, the directing of the attention toward something to be attained in the future. Obviously, this takes the attention away from the true experience of now.

It is good for the attention to be spacious, yet this spaciousness is not the goal. One has a persistent feeling of a “mysterious something else,” which can be experienced but not described, for which spaciousness is the gateway.

– From The Eye That Sees Itself  by Shimon Malin, pg 42

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