Inner Silence

Our thinking mind has been habituated to work in the opposite way from what is proper.

A properly working mind should produce thoughts that arise from a ground of silent consciousness. After the thought has served its purpose in whatever way is needful, the mind should return to a state of quiet. It is from this default position of inner quiet that one could participate in the world as a healthy and whole human being.

Instead, our situation is reversed. Our default position is one of constant inner noise, with associations and random thoughts following each other ceaselessly, causing us to be drawn into daydreams, hypnotic fantasies and endless cycles of imagination. From this chatter of inner talking an occasional impression will touch us deeply enough to cause the grinding of our mind to halt for a moment, and we ‘come to’, waking up to the fact that we are alive in a body this very moment.  But, after a moment or two of consciousness, our awareness again sinks below the surface of the sea of our inner talking.

If we observe ourselves objectively over a period of time we will see that this is a true description of our state. But something else may also be possible; a conscious movement towards a vibrant and living inner silence, which can only come about through a deeper awareness of our situation, an awareness supported and encouraged by our work together.

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