The Passage

The only moment you experience something true or authentic is the moment when you find yourself completely at a loss. Everything else is personality, ego; and my inner search always comes from my ego, from my person. In that state, when I feel that I have almost nothing, and that my understanding is almost insignificant – if I have the courage to stay there, if I have enough intelligence to remain there – suddenly I recognize the truth, or the first taste of the truth, which I have been seeking for so many years. This first taste of truth . . . it is you. Only there, only in that moment, ca you say that you are directly in touch with yourself. How else can you understand the tests of any of the religions? You can’t understand a single one of them if you don’t understand that. It is said by all of them: Judaism, Christianity . . . It is said everywhere.

– From Inner Octaves by Michel Conge, pg 43

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