Everything, every substance, every material object, everything, including feelings and thoughts and emanations, whether known or unknown to the human mind, is alive. The essential nature of everything, its “suchness,” is vibration. It is the rate of vibration that differs from one thing to another. The forms and manifestations are not the thing itself, they are masks concealing the underlying unique vibration that is always present.

The outer form, the mask, has a purpose. It is the means by which Ananda, or Bliss, is expressed and experienced. Ananda is the vibration seeing itself wherever it turns, knowing and delighting in its recognition of itself, in its experience of the cosmic secret of its own existence.

The vibrations of the universe, countless in number, constantly resolve themselves into a single note through the law of attraction. This note, not manifested through the differentiated forms of creation, but rather as the Sole Reality, is forever sounding, unrestrained by duration or boundary. It is called Love.

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